The Certification Challenge

Google Educator Cerification

Google Certification is a set of exams that you can take to certify and validate your Google skills. Certification is useful not only for demonstrating your knowledge of these tools, but even the process of studying for the exam can be a great learning experience. The exams are not that hard if you know what you're doing... so come along and learn what you're doing!

This workshop will help you understand the certification process, and will also provide you with a series of challenges and projects that will really help you become a legit Google expert!

Start with the Google Teacher Center to learn more about the Google Certification program

Start by taking a copy of this Skills Self Assessment Checklist. Take a look at each of the G Suite and Productivity tools. Make a copy of the template using the link above and self assess yourself - how many of these skills do you currently have?

What motivates educators to get Google Certified?

I asked a few educators who have acheived some of their Google Educator L1/L2 certifications what their motivation was to do it. Their reasons were varied but included...

  • Personal challenge and extention of existing skillset

  • Opportunity to learn more and to go beyond what you already know

  • Being certain of knowing the skills and being more future proof

  • Continuing to grow and learn new skills

  • Needed as a prerequisite for other higher certifications

  • Vaildation of existing skills, and being more employable

Scenario 1 -Sheets

In this task you will demonstrate your ability to work in Google Sheets

Use the Scenario 1 Sheet for this scenario


  1. Make the information in the table more readable by applying alternating colors to the rows. Use any default style of your choosing.

  2. Merge the cells in the top row of the table, in the B1:I1 cell range.

  3. You want to know how expensive, on average, online courses are per person. Use a formula and values in cells E6:E14 to calculate the average cost of online courses per person. Add your formula to cell E15.

  4. Format all the numbers in column H, Total Cost, as currency rounded to the nearest dollar.

  5. You want to know the total cost of customer support training per year. Calculate the total cost of training using a formula. Add your formula to cell H15.

  6. It is important for at least 100 agents to take online modules. In the I6:I14 cell range, set a warning message if the number in the range is different from 100.

Scenario 2 - Docs

In this task you will demonstrate your ability to work in Google Docs

Use the Scenario 2 document for this scenario.


  1. Change the orientation of the page from landscape to portrait.

  2. Change the background color of the page to white.

  3. Change the heading text "Call Assist Plus offers" to the Heading 1 style

  4. Format the text under "Call Assist Plus offers" to a bulleted list.

  5. Merge the 2 cells in the first row of the table containing the following text: Call Assist Plus software summarizes the customer issue.

  6. Remove the border from the table in the document.

  7. Add this image to the cell that contains the following text: “Refer to a relevant article on Knowledge Base”.

Scenario 3 - Slides

In this task you will demonstrate your ability to work in Google Slides

Use the Scenario 3 document for this scenario


  1. Make this Slides presentation available offline

  2. Share this file with, as a commenter

  3. Add a new slide (slide 4) based on the layout of slides 2 and 3

  4. Add information to this new slide about koalas

  5. Insert a picture of a koala by searching the web

  6. On the Wombat slide, crop the image to remove the empty grass area on the right. Resize the cropped image to better fit the space.

  7. Change the background on all slides to a light yellow linear gradient

  8. Delete the "Australian Animals" text on the Title slide and replace it with a WordArt version instead. Make the WordArt text light green with a 3pt black outline, using Anton font.

  9. Change the slide transition to Fade and apply to all slides

  10. Download a copy of the presentation as a PDF file

  11. Publish the finished slide presentation to the web. Set the slides to automatically advance every 5 seconds, start the slide show as soon as the player loads, and restart after the last slide

Scenario 4 - Drive

In this task you will demonstrate your ability to work in Google Drive


  1. Open your own Google Drive

  2. Create a new folder titled "Skill test". Open that folder

  3. Create a new Google Drawing in this folder, with the filename "Flowchart". Once you create the file, close it. No need to actually add content to it.

  4. Create a new folder inside "Skill test", called "Samples". Move the Flowchart file into this new folder.

  5. Change the share setting on the Samples folder to "Anyone with the link can view"

  6. Change the colour of the Skill Test folder to light green and add a Star. Change the colour of the Samples folder to red

  7. Change your Drive settings so that any new file that gets added is automaticlly converted to Google Docs format

Scenario 5 - Gmail

Coming soon!