Meet Crux Learning

Technology can be a incredible enabler for richer, deeper learning. However, to be effective its use needs to be authentic, meaningful and directly linked to pedagogy. If you have technology in your classroom, you know it's only as good as the way it gets used. Technology acts an amplifier of pedagogy - use it well and you create truly powerful, amazing learning outcomes. Use it poorly, and you might as well not use it at all.

Crux Learning has decades of experience working with schools, school systems, teachers and students to help them make more sense of technology in education. We specialise in Google for Education tools such as Google Workspace, Classroom and Chromebooks, and are a certified Google Partner. Our expertise is in helping schools get maximum value from their use of Google technologies for teaching and learning.

That's where we come in

To "get to the crux of the matter" means to get to the underlying essence of an idea. It means not being distracted by the non-essential, but honing in on the stuff that really matters. This is what Crux Learning aims to do. To help you focus on the big ideas that really make a difference, and then to build on that foundation. Whether it's whole school transformational change, or developing the hands-on skills needed to make it all come together, we can help.

By the way, Crux is also the official name of the constellation better known as the Southern Cross, a well-recognised symbol of Australia. Crux Learning is a proudly Australian company.